Magician for Kid’s Days at Work

“Take Our Daughters to Work Day” … “Take Our Kids to Work Day” …

These are fun events – IF you have enough activities planned to the children. Without some structured activities the children can quickly get bored and fidgety … and loud and disruptive.  That’s why so many New York City companies book my magic show for family events.


Set up the magic show in a large conference room and plan it to start right before lunchtime. My show features lots of audience volunteers – and the kids love to be part of the show.


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Magic Show Packages – Children’s Birthday Party


Here’s an overview of my birthday party magic show.

I’ll share some information about the show, my background, how I set up the show and how my booking process works.

Magic Show

My birthday party magic show runs about 45 minutes to one hour. It’s a fast and funny combination of amazing magic, comedy, juggling and audience participation .. and a live bunny rabbit too!

The birthday child is the star of my show and gets to be my “Official Magician’s Assistant,” and help me make the magic happen.

In fact, the entire audience becomes part of the show. I encourage the children to volunteer and participate with lots of interactive magic.  You’ll want to have a camera ready to catch their reactions of total amazement as they experience the many magical surprises during the performance.

The illusions I perform even fool other magicians – so  they’re guaranteed to astound your guests. But a good magic show is more than tricks – it’s about entertainment. That’s why I combine stand-up comedy and improv, along with juggling and even a bit of puppetry to create a one of a kind experience.

And at the end of my act my bunny rabbit appears and does a fun magic trick to close the show. The kids are welcome to come up and pet the bunny, take pictures with him and so on.

Not Just For Kids!

Here’s what my audiences are saying:

“The adults loved you as much as the kids! Great show, very funny, and great magic! Thank you so much:)”

“Never saw anyone captivate a room of 3 year old’s to 75 year old’s like that. Really enjoyed the show … Good stuff!”

“Funny, funny, funny!!!! you kept us laughing throughout the whole show.”

“Amazing..funny..MAGICAL!!!! The kids and parents all loved you!!”

About Me

I’m Brian McGovern, a full-time professional magician with decades of experience. I grew up in Brooklyn and I’ve lived in Belle Harbor (Rockaway Beach) for over 30 years with my wife and four kids, two dogs and more than one bunny rabbit and the occasional rescue pup.

I did my first magic trick when I was six years-old (it wasn’t that good but my mom said it was). I started performing magic at parties when I was in high school and later went on to do comedy clubs, theaters and festivals.

Five Star Reviews

You can read all my reviews here and on Yelp. Here are a few just about my birthday party show:

“Brian performed at our son’s 5th Birthday … and literally made the party magical! We had over 50 guests (27 kids!) and he captured everyone’s attention the entire time. I’ve gotten emails and texts thanking us for such a great party, all with compliments to Brian and his engaging show. Layered humor made it appropriate for all ages! Highly recommend!” -Naomi Mersky

“Brian performed his magic show for our family Adoption Celebration and was an absolute hit! The age range of the kids was 3 – 12 years old and he entertained them all as well as the adults.

The show is funny, fast paced and very inclusive. Brian was extremely professional, responsive and reliable – confirming when the event was booked as well as the day before the event.

I highly recommend him and hope we have an opportunity to hire him again and/or attend an event where he is performing! Thanks Brian!” – Kathleen Kincaide

“Brian performed at my son’s 5th birthday party and the kids and adults were thoroughly entertained. Brian has great improvisational skills, which is key when you are dealing with kids! We found him to be entertaining, funny, and witty. For us what we really liked was that he played to the kids’ developmental ages, which was helpful since all kids are different and react differently We would highly recommend Brian!” – Shilpa Kananne


The show is really easy to set up. Just give me a corner of a room where there are no distractions and enough light. I have my own table and I can be ready to start the show the minute I walk in. Nothing to plug in. Simple!

It’s best to not serve food or snacks during the show and hold off on handing out any noise makers. The kids will usually sit on the floor or the sofa a few feet away. And the magic begins.


Give your guests enough time to arrive and settle in. Many people will have my show start about 30 minutes after the party start time. My show will give the kids a fun way to celebrate the birthday and keeps them from running around the house going crazy! After my show, I’ll help transition the children to the next phase (like lunch or singing “Happy Birthday” around the cake)

Booking Process

The fee for my birthday party show in New York City is $350. To book the show, please click on the link below where you can pre-pay and give me all the details.

Your payment is 100% refundable if you need to cancel the show.

I’ll email you a confirmation and a receipt when it is received.

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About a week before the show I’ll check in with you to see if you have any questions. On the day of the party, I will text you when I am on the way.

Please give me a call to discuss anything. The show sells out every weekend so if you’d like to book it, do so now.

UES Birthday Party Magician for Families

“Brian is a great entertainer! He performed at my daughter’s 7th birthday party and put on a great show. All the kids and parents, a crowd of 40-50 people all enjoyed it very much. Brian is very witty and a lot of fun!”



I am so grateful to my clients and audiences. Here’s a photo from a recent birthday party for a little girl’s birthday party on the Upper East Side of New York. The party was at the building’s community room and many of the parents stayed for the show.

Many magicians that do kids’ parties in Manhattan are fine with just entertaining the children – but I do a “family show.” That means my magic and comedy not only keeps the kids happy – but the grown-ups enjoy it too. I think kids can appreciate smarter magic – and their parents do too.

Upper West Side NYC Kids Party Place Pick: UNO

UWS UNO Party Room
Fun birthday party space for children on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Searching for a fun place for your child’s birthday party on Manhattan’s Upper West Side?

As a professional children’s party magician I see a lot of party venues in New York City. One of my favorites on the UWS is UNO.

Located on the corner of Columbus Avenue and East 81st Street, right near the museum of Natural History, UNO is one of the best places to host a children’s party. Why?

First, the room is perfect. Just the right size for a party for up to 20 kids without feeling cramped or crowded. It’s a quiet place too. If you’re like me, I can’t stand the typical party place for kids. They’re way too loud. But UNO on UWS is very calm. Plus it’s always super-clean and well lit … and there is one door in and out – so the kids can’t wander off and get lost.

Second, the staff. My man Edwin runs the children’s parties with so much enthusiasm and professionalism – you’l love him! He is terrific with the kids and lets the birthday parents relax. He takes care of everything! All you have to do is show up. If you like, you can add your own balloons and other decor and bring in a custom cake – or the staff can assist you.

And third … pizza! What kid doesn’t like pizza? The food is yummy and the children get to play chef! Each child gets their very own pizza dough to which they can add sauce and cheese. The kids are decked out in aprons and chef’s hats and they really enjoy making pizza.

Finally, the room is perfect for a magic show.  After the children have prepared their pizza they sit down for a professional magic show guaranteed to please. I do all sorts of amazing and impossible things – from sleight of hand to juggling and more.