Pizzeria Uno NYC Birthday Party Entertainment

Uno Pizzeria & Grill on East 86th Street is CLOSED as of October 2017.

Please see my post on other UES party places.




Uno Chicago Grill, better known as Pizzeria Uno on East 86th Street is a great place for a children’s birthday party. The party room is located on the second level, at the back and overlooks the entire restaurant, giving this party room a spacious feel. Limited access to the party room makes it safe place for a kid’s party.

I just did a 6th birthday party at Uno the other day. The birthday mom had lots of questions about the place and I assured her that the Uno staff would do a great job. They absolutely did. I’ve done hundreds of birthday parties in my long career as a party magician and there are only a handful of restaurants that know how to run a party well. Uno Grill on the East Side and the other Uno near The Museum of Natural History are two of my favorites. They have kids’ parties down to a science.


Book a Children’s Birthday Party MAGIC SHOW at UNO

The typical party is 2 or 3 hours. The kids arrive on time (which is what I love about the Upper East Side … when I’m booked to do a show in the Bronx I never know when the guests will appear … sometimes I’ll show up and the host of the party still isn’t there … but I digress …).The kids arrive and after they wash up the servers bring out the pizza making ingredients. The dough is already needed out – and the children add the toppings. That takes about 15 minutes.

At the half-hour mark all the guests are ready for the magic show. While Uno is a great venue, after you make the pizzas there isn’t much to do. That’s why so many families hire me.

Magic Show for Birthday Party

My magic show’s format has been perfected over the last 30 years – yes – I’ve been at this since I was in high school. I’ve done sooo many birthday party shows all over New York City – and for every type of audience.

What I’ve found is that kids really love a funny and interactive magic show. Magic is fun – and when I mix in comedy, juggling, a puppet and a live bunny rabbit … plus balloons … plus lots of audience participation – it’s a formula for success. My show can run anywhere from 30 minutes to two-hours – but usually 45 minutes to an hour is just right. The rule is that the more kids you invite and / or the younger the audience, the shorter the show. If you’re hosting a dozen 10 year olds you can do a one hour show – but 20 toddlers should probably have a shorter show.

When you book the magic show at Uno (or any other venue) you’re set. I bring in all the equipment, I help set up the show area and I work with the waitstaff to time the arrival of the freshly cooked pizzas to magically appear right after my last trick. My show is available seven days a week. So, whether you’re planning a birthday party on a sunny Saturday in Central park or a indoors at a restaurant, or at home at night – I’d love to magically appear for your guests! Be sure to check out these amazing reviews of my show posted over on Facebook. To book a birthday party at Uno’s East Side, call the number below.

220 E 86th St # 1, New York, NY

(212) 472-5656 ‎ · unos.com

Comedian Magician for Adults and Kids in New York

When you’re looking for a funny comic and an amazing magician for your next event, give me a call!

I’ve been entertaining at all sorts of parties and events though out New York with my comedy magic show and I’d love to help make your next special occasion more fun.


I travel all over New York – from swanky shindigs in East Hampton to block parties in Brooklyn to birthdays in Manhattan. All over NYC and Long Island … but of course I can be persuaded to entertain in New Jersey and Connecticut too.


I offer two types of formats; stand-up and walk-around magic. My stand-up show combines stand-up comedy with improv … sleight of hand… illusions and some related arts. Juggling … even balloon sculptures for the right audience. By using a variety of skills I can keep any audience engaged.

Some people prefer “walk-around” magic. It’s perfect for cocktail hours at weddings, cruise parties, golf outings, client events and so on. I mingle with the guests and do close-up sleight of hand magic “right before their eyes.”


Kids, adults … my favorite is a family audience. My show has something for everyone. One of the unique things about my show is that adults have a great time watching a show for kids … or is it the other way around?


The best way to book my show for your party is to click on the “check your date” link and fill out the form. I’ll check my calendar and see if I’m available. Keep in mind my show tends to sell out every weekend – so don’t delay.



Long Island Magician Gives The Secrets to Planning a Fun and Easy Kid’s Party

Planning a kid’s party doesn’t have to be stressful. Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to throwing a fun party – without any stress or mess.

I’m a professional magician and I entertain at kid’s parties all over Long Island. I’ve seen my share of amazing parties – and I’ve seen parents who nearly have had mental breakdowns in the process of throwing a party. There’s no need to freak out – just follow these tips.

Plan Early – The sooner you start thinking about a party, the more options you’ll have. More time will give you more venues to explore, more time to shop around and more dates to choose.

Invite Early – You’ll want to make sure that your child’s most important friends and family have the opportunity to attend. Before you send out the invitations check to see if the dates you’re planning on work for them.

When Possible, Use Online Invites. Good old Evite is perfect for birthday parties – but only when you have everyone’s email address. This isn’t very practical for inviting your child’s friends – you’ll have to go the old fashioned paper invite route.

Check with School. Before you invite your child’s classmates – check with the teacher. Some schools don’t allow children to pass out invitations at school. Most often, you’ll find that the teacher is more than willing to make sure all the kid’s get an invitation to take home. But some won’t let you just invite some of the kids … either you have to invite the whole class or none at all! No … I’m not making this up. Lot’s of schools on Long Island have guidelines about invitations. Check!

Keep It Short. Keep a party for kids at three hours or less. A two hour party is very popular with Long Islanders. In a two hour party you allow the kids 30 minutes to show up, settle in and grab a snack. The next hour is a magic show – followed by 30 minutes for a game, some cake and DONE! Trust me, a two hour party is all you need for toddlers.

Party at Home. Hosting a birthday party at home is pretty popular. Many parents will have the party in the backyard during the summer months. Outdoor parties are easier than indoor ones. I find that indoor parties practically require hiring a magician or other party entertainer. Otherwise the kids go a little crazy!

If you’re going to host an outdoor party in the summer on Long Island, keep in mind that thunderstorms are unpredictable. You never know when a t-storm will pop up – so have a plan B in place. My magic show can be performed indoors or outdoors.

Party in the Park. When the weather agrees with you, a party in the park is great; plenty of room, plenty of parking and lots of activities. A picnic birthday is simple to do. I’ve done many birthday parties in Long Island. Christopher Morley Park  is nice – but they do restrict the type of entertainment and activities you can bring in.

Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Ride on Long Island.  Rides are potentially dangerous!


Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date before you hire a bouncy castle or other ride for your party. I’ve seen kids break their arms and and concussions from party rides. There are plenty of reputable party rental companies on Long Island – make sure they’re insured. BTW many state and town parks will not allow these rides. Check before you hire them.

Costumed Characters. Thinking about hiring a costumed character for the party? Don’t do it. Trust me again … I’ve seen toddlers go hysterical in fear when faced with a costumed character. Most party entertainments will hire anybody to dress up …. you don’t know who you’re letting near your children. Plus, the costumes are usually ragged and nasty up close.

Hiring a Batman, Spongebob or Dora the Explorer …. or Mickey Mouse or Barney the Dinosaur is usually a waste of money. They show up … waddle around for a while and either the kids cry or get bored fast. My magic show keeps kids entertained for a full hour.

Remember, my show is an hour of professional comedy-magic that is customized for your party. I’ve got lots of amazing magic tricks that will totally mystify the kids and the adults. While other Long Island magicians might be OK at entertaining the kiddies – very few can entertain both children and grown-ups like my show. Each show is full of fun audience participation – and I even have a live bunny rabbit too



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Best Brooklyn Birthday Party Spots? Best Party Magician?


Birthday Party Magician in Park Slope, Brooklyn New York

I’ve been performing at kid’s birthday parties since 1979. Really.

I started doing magic when I was about 6 years old, growing up in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn. My sister bought me a magic kit for Christmas and I was hooked. I borrowed every book on magic from the Public Library on Flatbush Avenue and created my own tricks.

One day I discovered a magic shop on Coney Island Avenue called the House of Hocus Pocus and I spent hours and every dollar I could there. Eventually I got good enough at magic that I was hired by the shop to demonstrate magic from behind the counter and then sent to perform at local parties.

I traveled all over Brooklyn, thanks to my mom. She was the best chauffeur I’ve ever had. I regularly entertained in Brooklyn Heights along Henry Street and a restaurant on Montague. I’d be in the Heights in the morning, Bayridge next and Mill Basin all in one day. Eventually I branched out and started doing magic in Prospect Park as a street performer … then I added more comedy to the show and started doing comedy clubs. At the age of seventeen I was onstage at Pip’s Comedy Club in Sheepshead Bay.

But, enough about me! OK, just a little bit more.

Magic for Birthday Parties

My magic show is perfect for family events, and not just kid’s parties. See, a lot of magicians are good at keeping the kiddies happy but adults … not so much. Others are great at entertaining adults but the kids don’t like them. Me? Well my show is for families. Just like “Shrek,” my show has jokes that make the kids laugh, and jokes that fly right over their heads.

Where to Have a Birthday Party in Brooklyn?

Pizza Parlors – of course there are more pizza parlors than i can list. I like Two Boots Pizza on 2nd Street in Park Slope. Very nice party room, excellent staff.

Also, I did a show in Smooch in Fort Greene. Very fun party room – it’s not exactly Chuck E. Cheeses … but that’s a good thing.

Outdoors? From backyards to yachts to block parties, BBQ’s and picnics … I do them all. Mother Cabrini Park is a nice spot for a party. Fort Greene Park is great too. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain.

I did a party at Livingroom Steakhouse on 86th Street. It’s a huge place … great for really big parties – but they have a lounge in the back that might work for a smaller private party. Rose Garden Catering on Church Avenue … very big place. Not much decor, but plenty of room.

Fireplace on Norman Avenue in Greenpoint is a great place to eat but a bit tight to do a show in. I did a kid’s party here and there were too many tables and hardly enough room to move – but still the party was lots of fun and the guests were awesome ( but I have to learn some Polish if I want to do more magic shows in Greenpoint).

Pizza Rustica was a good place too … last I looked they were still booking birthday parties.

The Moxie Spot on Atlantic Avenue near Hicks has a big space for parties – but from what I understand they don’t let you book the room out. You’ll have to share the space with other folks. Still – it’s a big funky and fun place for a kid’s party in Brooklyn Heights.

Ignazio’s Pizza 4 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 is a spacious party place. I did a birthday party here last January after a huge snowstorm. Parking is probably your only challenge here. Fun staff, good food and plenty of room for the kids.

Bowling Alleys are another spot for birthdays in Brooklyn. Some are pretty dumpy, some are pretty nice. Remember Gil Hodges Lanes? They’ve changed names but it’s a good spot for a kid’s party in Mill Basin.

There are lots of places to celebrate a child’s birthday … but only ONE magician you want to hire. (Hint)

I’d love to bring my magic show to your child’s party!
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Reviews: Genesis Events DJ Fabio Pedalino

Five Stars – one of the best party DJ’s I’ve ever worked with.

Two Thumbs Up! If you’re looking to hire a party DJ for your next event on Long Island, check out Genesis Events. I had the pleasure of working with Fabio Pedalino of Genesis this weekend at Jericho Terrace in Mineola. I was booked to entertain the kids at a communion party and was delighted to meet Fabio.

He is perfect for family events. Why? Many party DJ’s are too loud, too obnoxious – NOT these guys. They know exactly how to combine enthusiasm and energy with grace and style. They motivate the guests to get up and dance and do a terrific job with the kids.

As a long time children’s entertainer myself ( I do at least a dozen kid’s parties every month, all over Long Island – from birthday parties to communions, school parties, fundraisers, block parties and more ) I’ve seen my fair share of party DJ’s. So, why am I recommending Genesis?

Professionalism – they did everything to help make my show a success. The kids and adults loved the magic & comedy show – thanks to the expert MC skills of Fabio and team. They really got the audience ready for for fun.

Equipment – Their equipment was top notch. The sound was perfect and they even let me use their microphone and speakers. It sounded great.

Songs. They took requests from kids and adults and always had the right song ready to go.

Fun – these guys really know how to make a family party FUN.

That’s my review … for more information, check out GenesisEventsNYC.com

Magician for Parties in Mineola, NY. Jericho Terrace

Call 646-688-4760!

Where to Host a Party in Mineola, Long Island?

As a professional party magician, I’ve entertained at parties all over Long Island. Most recently I was in Mineola at the Jericho Terrace for a child’s communion party. The Jericho Terrace is a great place to host all sorts of special occasions. They are best know for wedding but the space is great for any big party, when you want to make it extra special.

It’s easy to get to. Just minutes away from the Cross Island Parkway – so guests travelling from Westchester or the Bronx just take the Throgs Neck Bridge and in a few minutes they’re at the catering hall.

Parking is easy. Jericho Terrace has a big parking lot and a well-run valet team.

Food. If you want a great meal at a catering hall you’re usually disappointed – but the food here is great. Lots of variety, great presentations. They get bonus points for the food!

Service. I was really impressed by the service at Jericho Terrace. When the manager works closely with the entertainment to make sure the show is successful – that’s when I know how good a place is. The banquet manager did a tremendous job of helping me work with the party DJ – to pull off a fun magic show for the kids.

Entertainment for Parties in Mineola

My magic and comedy show works really well at all sorts of parties. Sure, I do a ton of kid’s birthday parties, all over Long Island. But my show works great for other special occasions too. For example, communion parties and baptisms. Usually there are lots of kids and adults at these events. You don’t want a clown for a family event! Why? Little kids are scared of clowns (me too) and bigger kids resent “baby” stuff. Older children and pre-teens will just walk away. Plus, parents don’t want to sit through a “kiddie show.” That’s what makes my show different. I combine stand-up comedy with sleight of hand and lots of audience participation.

Besides just amazing magic tricks, I also do juggling and can even do balloon sculptures during or after the show. But what makes my show different from lots of other magicians on Long Island is that adults really enjoy the show too. Here’s a quote from my Facebook fans:

Have only high praise for keeping everyone from the gaggle of very rambunctious 6 year olds to the parents to my 91 year old dad entertained. You have a great span of magic and stage conversation that works well across the ages.

Our children, family and friends had a wonderful time being entertained by you at our Communion Party~it is great to know we have such wonderful family-oriented programs as yours to share special times together! Thank you again for a great show!

Thanks so much for making Charlie’s 7th Birthday so much fun! The kids loved it, and I think the adults had a pretty good time, too! All the little boys were doing “magic tricks” in the playground after the party, and they were still talking about it this morning at school. We all had a hard time deciding which trick was our favorite. You were funny, professional, and a fantastic magician!

Want more information? Check out what people are saying about the magic show at Hijinx.TV.\

Need other entertainment for a party in Mineola? I get calls from people looking for DJ’s, clowns, balloon twisters, jugglers and all sorts of party entertainers. If you’re planning a party at the Jericho Terrace – in Mineola – or anywhere on Long Island and you need to find the BEST magician, comedian, band, game or ride … give me a call and I will be happy to point you in the right direction! Call me at 646-688-4760 now!

Remember, I travel ALL OVER  NY and NYC … from The Hamptons to Albany … and I do parties for all types of events … kid’s birthday parties, block parties, 1st birthdays, bar mitzvahs and more.




Birthday Party Magician in New York City

Thinking about booking a magician for your child’s birthday party?

NYC birthday planners know that they need to hire a professional magician with stellar reviews and years of experience. Why not hire a cheap magician instead? Here’s a few horror stories from people who hired beginners, amateurs and so-called professional magicians … because they wanted a cheap magician instead of a good one:

  • Magician Disappears – seen this too many times. The party planner finds a party entertainer who’s cheaper than the rest. He’s not bad … except he doesn’t have to show up. He does this for fun and if something better comes up he cancels and leaves you high and dry.
  • Fire! I actually heard about a magician who eats fire at children’s parties. Can you imagine? Danger!
  • Scary! Another magician pretends he is going to chop off a child’s hand in a miniature guillotine. huh?
  • Drunk. Yep … Mr. Magic smells like gin.
  • Creep. Ever get the willies from somebody? I saw one magician who is so creepy I wouldn’t let him near my kids.
  • Incompetent. The tricks don’t work.
  • Boring. The kids hate him and walk away.
  • Star. Some of these party Bozos think they’re stars and are such a pain in the neck!

So … do you want a cheap magician or a GOOD one? Because you can’t have both.

NYC Magician for Parties

Amazing magic shows for kids parties all over New York City.

NYC magician Brian brings funny, amazing and interactive magic, juggling, comedy and more!

  • Incredible Sleight of Hand by a Full Time Professional Magician
  • Kids and Family Audiences
  • Live Bunny
  • Juggling
  • Comedy

If you’re looking for a fun way to make your child’s party a hit, give us a call.

New York City Magician for Parties

NYC Magician for Grown-Ups!

Tricks aren’t just for kids and hiring a magician to entertain your adult guests can turn a ho-hum party into a raving success. Here’s how to hire the best magician for your party:

Sleight-of-Hand, Not Cheesy Magic. No one wants to see a dorky magician pull a quarter out of your nose. They want to see the art of sleight of hand, up  close. They want to see dazzling deceptions and mind-boggling trickery! So make sure the magician you book has got some talent!

Mind-Reading Miracles. Some of the most impressive magic is called “mentalism.” A mentalist creates the illusion of psychic powers. He reads your mind. He controls thoughts and bends spoons with an arched eyebrow and a spooky wave of the hand . Mind magic is so popular because when it is performed well, the impossible almost seems possible.

Tact. When I perform close up magic at an event I always exercise discretion. That means I never interrupt a conversation to do magic. And I pay attention to feedback. Most guests are eager to see my show but on occasion some will want to pass. I spend my time with the most receptive guests.

Comedy. It’s a fact, people love to laugh. That’s why I combine magic with comedy. It makes the magic even more enjoyable. All of my jokes are clean – no off color jokes, nothing that would ever embarrass a guest.

Variety. I vary my tricks so that the audience never knows what to expect next.

Magical Events

I regularly perform close-up magic for adult audiences throughout New York City. Whether you’re hosting a client event at Jacob Javits Center, a trade show at the Sheraton or a cocktail hour at a steak restaurant my sleight-of-hand magic is a perfect way to get your guests in a fun and festive mood.

Trade shows. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show at the New York Hilton or Jacob Javits Center you know how tough it is to get the attention of your target market. Every booth seems to appear just like every other booth. Your prospective customers walk by trying to avoid eye contact with your sales people. They may come by to swoop up free trade-show swag and drop a business card in the goldfish bowl but most of them won’t even remember seeing your very expensive tradeshow booth at all. That’s where I come in.

I use magic to create positive attention around your display. I work with your marketing team to create a presentation that combines eye-popping, crowd-stopping magic with a persuasive sales message. Your competitors will flip out when they see your booth getting all traffic at all the attention while the audience is listening to your carefully crafted sales message that’s woven into my sleight-of-hand presentation.

Client dinners. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to attend a conference by yourself you know how awkward you feel entering the cocktail hour or hospitality suite. You don’t know anybody there and it’s hard to start a conversation. That’s where a little magic goes a long way. When I perform at a client event like this my magic is really powerful at breaking the ice. Within minutes strangers are laughing together and enjoying some amazing magic. When I walk away your sales people have a natural opening to keep the conversation going and build relationships with clients and prospects.

Grand Openings. If you’re opening a new office and you want to get a big turnout from target clients and prospects you need to offer some compelling reason to attend. Usually a great meal and free drinks goes a long way, but you’ll also want to do something different. You want your offense to get a reputation within your industry as being the most fun events to go to. With my magic I’ll help you show your guests a great time.

Client Appreciation Dinners. One of my most loyal clients is a very successful financial advisor who never has to prospect. He throws tremendously successful client appreciation dinners every year, and his clients bring their friends and family along. Why? Because they have such a good time. He focuses on creating really fun entertainment for his clients and that brings them back year after year and they’re happy to bring along friends who are likely in the market for his services.

Golf Outings. Golf outings are very successful marketing channels for a number of industries. But beyond just a good game of golf the most successful companies know that they need to offer fun entertainment as well. When I amaze your guess with sophisticated sleight-of-hand magic and I have been laughing out loud you’ll be happy that you brought me to your event.

I perform all over New York City and Long Island. when you’re ready to make your next event an amazing occasion, give me a call.