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Magic Tricks for Kids

After my magic show is over, kids always rush up to ask me, “How can I learn magic?”

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For more great magic tricks for kids, please check out:

It’s a wonderful resource! Really cool magic tricks that are easy to do. Enjoy!

Upper West Side NYC Kids Party Place Pick: UNO

UWS UNO Party Room
Fun birthday party space for children on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Searching for a fun place for your child’s birthday party on Manhattan’s Upper West Side?

As a professional children’s party magician I see a lot of party venues in New York City. One of my favorites on the UWS is UNO.

Located on the corner of Columbus Avenue and East 81st Street, right near the museum of Natural History, UNO is one of the best places to host a children’s party. Why?

First, the room is perfect. Just the right size for a party for up to 20 kids without feeling cramped or crowded. It’s a quiet place too. If you’re like me, I can’t stand the typical party place for kids. They’re way too loud. But UNO on UWS is very calm. Plus it’s always super-clean and well lit … and there is one door in and out – so the kids can’t wander off and get lost.

Second, the staff. My man Edwin runs the children’s parties with so much enthusiasm and professionalism – you’l love him! He is terrific with the kids and lets the birthday parents relax. He takes care of everything! All you have to do is show up. If you like, you can add your own balloons and other decor and bring in a custom cake – or the staff can assist you.

And third … pizza! What kid doesn’t like pizza? The food is yummy and the children get to play chef! Each child gets their very own pizza dough to which they can add sauce and cheese. The kids are decked out in aprons and chef’s hats and they really enjoy making pizza.

Finally, the room is perfect for a magic show.  After the children have prepared their pizza they sit down for a professional magic show guaranteed to please. I do all sorts of amazing and impossible things – from sleight of hand to juggling and more.

Party Places: Bellmore NY

Looking for a nice party room for a child’s birthday party in Bellmore, NY?

I recently performed my magic show for a six-year old boy’s birthday party at International Delight Cafe on Bedford Avenue. It was my second time entertaining for a kid’s party at IDC and this magician gives it two thumbs up.

Bellmore NY Party Room

The party room is big … plenty big for even the biggest birthday.  And it’s a private party room with a door separating it from the main dining room. When hosting a birthday party in a public place it is always smart to choose a party room with one door so you can keep an eye on the kids and keep them from wandering off.

Great party food. The smell of delicious waffles fills the air … lots of other kid-friendly foods on the menu.

Wonderful staff! They made the guests feel right at home and helped me put on a really fun magic show.

Of course you’ll need some entertainment … and what better than a funny and amazing magic show?

Parking is available behind the restaurant but the lot is small. If you’re inviting many out of town guests they may need to park on the streets.

Birthday Parties at 16 Handles NYC

I recently did a magic show at 16 Handles on Second Avenue for a child’s birthday party. This popular frozen yogurt shop is a great place for a party – but let me make a few suggestions …



Birthday Party Venues for Kids, Upper East Side, New York City

Schedule your party for early in the day – before noon for sure.  When I entertained here the shop was “closed for a private event” which gave the party full access. You don’t want to host your party while the general public is there.

This shop has a small party room in the back – it can seat about 10 people before it feels too cramped. On the day I performed we did the magic show in the front of the shop and the kids moved to the party room for pizza.

The children will have fun making their dessert but they will need some other entertainment or activity. The magic show makes a lot of sense. It keeps the kids happy and entertained, the children enjoy the magic and the live bunny.


NYC Birthday Party Places in Hell’s Kitchen: Port Authority?

Children’s Birthday Party in Port Authority?

As a professional magician in New York City I’ve entertained at all sorts of places. But a kids’s birthday party in Port Authority? Now, that was a first for me.

The other day I got a call from a man who was planning his daughter’s 7th birthday party. He said he found a fun place – and he as right. FRAMES is a bowling alley located in New York City’s Port Authority Building with its entrance on 9th Ave and 40th Street. But it is much more than just bowling. The place features a very upscale nightclub decor – fun club lighting, a restaurant and wonderful staff.

Frames: Fun Party Space

The kids start off with … bowling.  It’s fun and easy (bumpers, kid size bowling boards) and it will keep your guests happy and entertained.

Next … the MAGIC SHOW!

After the children have bowled for an hour they are moved to a private party room. The space I performed in was spacious and well designed. Set back from the bowling lanes, it quiet and private making it a perfect place for a child’s party. Whenever you book a party place for a child’s party look for private rooms that are not easily accessible by the general public and that have limited entrances to keep the kids safe and secure.  FRAMES offers a safe, fun and memorable spot for children’s parties.

The staff is incredible!  They were quick to change up the lighting – even going so far as to moving a spot light in place. The staff at FRAMES is wonderful.

My magic show ran for about 45 minutes and the kids were delighted when my bunny rabbit appeared.

To book a birthday party at FRAMES go to

Birthday Party Venue Rating: 5 Stars

Space is easy to access in Midtown West. And you can’t miss it! Clean, safe and very appealing.

Food and beverages available. Bring your own cake or they can supply it.

Affordable. Starting a $25 per child with a minimum of 5 kids.

Brooklyn Birthday Party Locations: Underwood Park

Looking for a place to host your child’s birthday party in Brooklyn? On a warm Autumn morning I entertained a group of 5 year-old children at Underwood Park. If you’re looking for a quiet and safe place for a kids party – and the weather is on your side, this might be the place for you.


I set the magic show up in a small, enclosed area while mom and dad decorated the park benches. When it was time for the show the children sat on the grass and enjoyed magic, juggling and lots of silly antics … and they were so happy when the bunny rabbit arrived to do his own magic trick.

My advice on booking a party at Underwood Park?

Plan an early party … before noon is best so you can snag a location. Get there early to claim your spot. Here’s info on the park from the City: I wouldn’t bother getting a permit … as long as you are not putting up tents and using amplified sound, a small party is fine.

Trivia: Underwood Park is built on the site of the Underwood Mansion … donated by the the family that brought you the famous typewriter.


RVC Party Magician – Rockville Centre Magic Shows for Kids

When you’re planning a birthday party in Rockville Ctr., Long Island, NY and you want fun entertainment for kids – check out my birthday party magic show.

Hi, I’m Brian the magician and I would love to entertain at your child’s next birthday party. As a father of 4 wonderful children myself, I know how hard it can be to organize a birthday party! As a full-time professional magician Serving Rockville Ctr., Long Island and all of New York I’ve got just the tricks for you.

Rockville Centre Birthday Party Magician


The key to a fun birthday party is entertainment. Long after the guests have forgotten about the food and decorations they’ll remember how much fun they had watching my family magic show.

I call it a family magic show because I don’t just entertain little kids. While I do have fun performing for the kiddies my strong suit is an entertaining families. My humor plays to adults as well as the kids. It makes the whole show much more more fun for the whole family.

You may be asking, is this magic show appropriate for the kids birthday party for children ages 4 through 12? It sure is. I recommend the show for kids ages 4 and up. There really is no limit to how old the kids can be. I get booked to do parties for adults at all events, teenagers at high school events and bar mitzvahs, even senior homes, block parties, company picnics etc. That means I can entertain a broad range of ages.

My magic show includes lots of audience participation. The kids just don’t sit there, they become part of the show. They get them involved in the magic by using lots of volunteers to come up and help. It’s a birthday party I invite the birthday child, and be my big helper. The other children get to help out as well. I find that this is a very successful formula because children are not just going to sit quietly and watch performance. They have a shorter attention span and need to have multiple forms of engagement going on.

That’s why I do stuff like juggling, comedy, visual humor, sight gags, sleight-of-hand, illusions and other shenanigans. Try to keep the show full of surprises so that everybody is fully engaged in the show.

I do lots of birthday parties in Rockville Centre – from backyard communion parties to sit down family reunion dinners. My shows can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for a standup comedy magic show or I can do what’s called walk around magic or close-up magic for an even longer. Time. Walk around magic is where I mingle with your guests and do sleight-of-hand magic right under their noses on a personal level. Rather than ever when stopping to watch the show I go from group to group and perform these minor miracles that get everyone laughing and having a good time.

For my stand up magic show I don’t need a lot of room. I can perform the show in a living room or in a backyard. Set me up in the play room in the basement or in one of the many lovely restaurants in Rockville Centre. I’ve done lots of magic shows for baptism/christening parties and communion parties there.

Be sure to check out my silly little video and read my reviews. I can only do a handful of shows a day so my calendar sells out fast. I look forward to talking to you about planning a terrific birthday party.


Long Island Magician Kids Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party on Long Island and want FUN entertainment?

A professional Long Island Magician can make any children’s party fun and exciting. When you book a magician for your event, be sure you choose an established professional.

My magic show is available all throughout. It features a live bunny rabbit, lots of amazing sleight-of-hand and tricks that children of all ages will enjoy.

Whether you’re having a party in your backyard, or in your basement this magic show is just what you need. The typical party magic show is about 45 minutes to an hour. We can always make this longer or shorter depending upon what you want.

A good rule to remember is that if the children are very young you will want to keep the show on the shorter side. Older kids and adults of course can sit and enjoy a longer show.

Be sure to ask the magician for references. I’ve been performing magic party since 1979! Along the years, I’ve performed for hundreds of audiences and found thousands and thousands of people. Need references? I’ve got plenty of the them.

What type of show do you need?

Birthday Party Magic Shows

Birthday parties. For kids parties, invite the magician to start the show about 30 minutes after the children have been invited. This will give them enough time to run around and settle in – but not enough time for them to get bored and start climbing up curtains!

If the children are ages four or under, seriously consider inviting only a small handful of guests. A large group of toddlers is hard to manage and keep safe. I also recommend that very young kids be accompanied by their parents during the party. Ages three and under is too young for a drop-off party in my opinion.

For kids ages five and up drop-off parties are fine. Just make sure you have enough room for the kids! They’ll have lots of energy and excitement of the party is sure to get them going bonkers.

That’s why so many people hire a magician for party on Long Island. Sure, you could hire a bouncy castle ride a pony ride or some other inflatable amusement – but you have to look at what is going to be safe and entertaining at the same time.

There are stories left and right kids getting hurt in those inflatable rides. Do you really want to risk injuring your child or his friends? A professional magic show can keep the kids organized, safe and having a great time.

Join my show the kids will experience world-class sleight-of-hand, astounding illusions and magic tricks that will baffle even the brightest. But it’s not just about the magic tricks. My show is all about entertaining. And the way I entertain kids is by getting them fully engaged in the show. They don’t just sit there and watch, they become stars of the show.

The birthday boy or girl gets to volunteer and become the official magician’s assistant. The children get to leave the magic wand and save magic words and help me create the magic.

But what really sets my show apart from other magicians is that I offer a family show. Not only are the kids having fun, but the grown-ups are too. I get so many great reviews from parents who have watched the show, were not expecting to be entertained and ended up having a great time.

Now even though I am a magician I can’t be in two places at one time. My calendar sells out every weekend. So before your date gets taken by another party, be sure to contact me right away.

Long Island Magician Kids Birthday Parties

  • Live Bunny
  • Juggling
  • Comedy
  • Balloon Sculptures
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Illusions
  • More

For parties of all sizes!