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“The Best Reviewed New York Magician,  Brian McGovern performs FUNNY & AMAZING magic for kids. Live bunny, Juggling, Comedy and More. “

Brian-McGovern-bpm1Most of my bookings come from people who’ve seen the show. So, I’ll let my audience tell you about the show – all of the quotes below come from real audience members and clients who were nice enough to post reviews. You can read them in entirety here. If you’re looking for an NYC Magician (all of New York City and all of Long Island, even way out East) please check out my reviews and call me today at 646-435-4088.

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“Brian has absolutely got the “wow” factor with kids and adults! He is by far the most entertaining, captivating, and FUNNIEST magician I’ve ever seen!”

“We loved every minute of your performance and so did my guests. You were so funny and spontaneous and the magic was outstanding … I spent so much time watching you and laughing! One of my friends told me she’s been to dozens of parties/Bar Mitzvahs/etc. and you were by far the best magician she had seen. You were extremely professional from the moment we first talked and you definitely provided exactly what I wanted for my 40th birthday party! Thanks again and I recommend you HIGHLY!”

“The kids loved you and the grown ups were laughing and having such a wonderful time as well. My guests still talk about how amazing you were.

Truly Magnificent …  You had the little kids cracking up along with the TEENS & ADULTS. Truly amazing !!! I would recommended you for ANY occasion, you are truly just one of a kind with your MAGIC !!! Looking forward to see you next year at our event!!! Your Magic can be for any even,t cause the way you deliver a Magical experience is truly one of a kind !!!!

OK, so some people like ALL CAPS and lots of !!! … but you get the point, no? Here’s more:

“Funny, professional, and a fantastic magician!”

“The adults loved you as much as the kids! Great show, very funny, and great magic! Thank you so much:)”

“Never saw anyone captivate a room of 3 year olds to 75 year olds like that. Really enjoyed the show … Good stuff!”

“Funny, funny, funny!!!! you kept us laughing throughout the whole show.”

“Amazing..funny..MAGICAL!!!! The kids and parents all loved you!!”

“A funny, smart and entertaining show!”

“Would DEFINITELY recommend you!! The adults laughed as much if not MORE then the kid’s !!

We videotaped you at our house & just watched it & laughed again !!!”

“If you’re looking for a great magician (and really who isn’t?), look no further. A big hit … Your face will hurt from laughing so much. I couldn’t recommend him more highly for your next event.”

“Not only did he keep the kids completely enthralled for 45 minutes with his magic, the show also turned out to be (surprisingly) entertaining for the parents. We’d hire him again without hesitation.”


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“He was amazing and had the ability to manage 20 boys very well during the show. The children laughed so much and couldn’t take their eyes off this terrific magician. I highly recommend him!”

“We would DEFINITELY recommend … the adults laughed as much if not MORE than the kids!!”

Call 646-435-4088


Q:  How do I book the show?

A: Call me at 646-435-4088 or check your date by clicking here.

Q:  Do you you kid’s parties? Do you do magic for adults?

A: Just like every audience is different, every show I do is different.  For example, when I’m performing close-up magic during cocktail hour at an employee  party, I leave the bunny rabbit home and do some slick, mind-blowing sleight of hand. But if I’m doing a kid’s party, I’m pretty much act like doofus  and do silly colorful magic, juggling and yes, the bunny rabbit trick.

Q: Can You Entertain Adults AND Kids?

A: That’s my specialty. I do a “family show” that has something for everyone. Children, adults, grandparents and even teenagers have been know to love the show, as you can see from my reviews.

Q: How long is your show?

A: That depends … how long of a show do you want? When I’m doing stand-up magic, the show usually runs about 45 minutes to an hour. If I perform strolling magic (aka “table-hopping,” “close-up magic,” or “walk-around-magic”) I usually recommend one hour per 100 guests. And sometimes I do both. I mingle with the guests and perform sleight of hand for them during the cocktail hour -then I do my stage show after dinner.

Q: Do you pull a rabbit out of a hat?

A: A bunny rabbit appears during the show – but no, I don’t pull him out of a hat. Why not? The hat trick is not a very comfortable for a bunny. I take great care of my rescue bunny.

Q: Do you wear a top hat and cape?

A: Do you?  The old top hat and cape is a thing that magicians only wear in cartoons. I tried to find a top hat to fit my enormous head (size 8), but no luck. And besides that, it’s a bit cheesy. Instead, I dress for the occasion. I’ll don a suit and tie for a swanky country club dinner – or jeans and sneakers at a college show – or if I’m booked for a company BBQ in August you can bet I will be wearing shorts and a polo shirt. But I promise you, I will never wear a thong to your party.

Q: What tricks do you do?

A: Tricks? Dogs do tricks, I perform illusions … said a pretentious magician.  What the pubic calls “magic tricks” we magicians call “effects.” As to which effects I perform at your event depends on a variety of things. Generally speaking, I don’t produce tigers at kids’ parties unless the parents really don’t like the kids. There are some illusions that require a stage, lighting, curtains and union labor – and that means they require a pretty big budget. I specialize in sleight-of-hand, where the magic right before your eyes. No tricky looking boxes and corny magic tricks that amateurs buy at magic shops as a poor substitute for skill. Sleight of hand is much more difficult than stage tricks and is the purest form of conjuring.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a magician?

A: I have a variety of packages for different types of shows. Variables include the size of the audience and venue (for lighting and sound), travel time, length of show, set-up time, parking and media rights.

Q: Where do you perform?

A: I’m based in New York City and I perform all over the N Y Tri-State area. I do the show all over Long Island, all the way out to the Hamptons – and I’m happy to magically appear in New Jersey – and happy to have many fans in Jersey City and Hoboken.  In NYC you might see me doing picnic parties in Central Park, stand-up at a comedy club, close-up magic at a bar, and kids parties all over Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan.

Q: Can You Perform Outdoors?

A: Sure, in the summer. I love doing parties in parks and backyards in the warm weather.

A: How Much Room Do You Need?

A: For most party shows, I just need a corner of the room. I bring my own table and other equipment.

Q: Are you available outside New York?

A: Yes, I’ve performed magic across the US and in Europe … and almost in Egypt right before the revolution.  The vast majority of my magic shows are in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island) and Long Island (including Nassau and Suffolk … yes, even Montauk Point). I’m the busiest NYC Magician around.

 “The whole show was very entertaining and hysterical. I will recommend you to everyone and anyone looking for a magician!”  – Lisa Bartholomew Lettich

NYC Magician Review: He was amazing and had the ability to manage 20 boys very well during the show. The children laughed so much and couldn't take their eyes off this terrific magician. I highly recommend him!

 “If you’re looking for a great magician (and really who isn’t?), look no further. Brian was a big hit with the kids and adults … Your face will hurt from laughing so much. I couldn’t recommend him more highly for your next event.” – Frank Ventura

Bravo!!! Thank you so much for making my son’s first communion party a huge success. (4/21) The kids were amazed, while the parents were laughing hysterically. Not sure if you noticed the restaurant staff (including the chef) all gathered at the door enjoying the show as well. I heard nothing but great remarks from all of my guests. Can’t wait to see you at our next big event!!” – Christine Knussman

 NYC Magician Review: Would DEFINITELY recommend ... the adults laughed as much if not MORE than the kids!!

“SO entertaining! for both kids and adults. Definitely highlight of the party. Thank you! – Amy Loh

Tons of fun

Sep 30, 2015 by naomi

Brian performed at our sons 5th Birthday and daughters 1st Birthday mash-up this weekend and literally made the party magical! We had over 50 guests (27 kids!) and he captured everyone's attention the entire time. I've gotten emails and texts thanking us for such a great party, all with compliments to Brian and his engaging show. Layered humor made it appropriate for all ages! Highly recommend!

Highly recommend

Sep 24, 2015 by Christina

We just had Brian at our daughters 1st birthday party. The kids ranged from 4 to 11. Not only was he able to keep their attention the whole time, he had the adults laughing the entire time. He has a great sense of humor. He's basically a stand up comedian that does magic which is great for all ages.

An Absolute Hit

Jun 23, 2015 by Kathleen

Brian performed his magic show for our family Adoption Celebration and was an absolute hit! The age range of the kids was 3 -12 years old and he entertained them all as well as the adults.

The show is funny, fast paced and very inclusive. Brian was extremely professional, responsive and reliable -confirming when the event was booked as well as the day before the event.

I highly recommend him and hope we have an opportunity to hire him again and/or attend an event where he is performing! Thanks Brian!

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“Brian performed at my Son’s 4th birthday in early April 2013 and was really great. Not only did he keep the kids completely enthralled for 45 minutes with his magic, the show also turned out to be (surprisingly) entertaining for the parents. We’d hire him again without hesitation.”- Sebastian von Einsiedel
  • “Fantastic! Brian was masterful at keeping the kids engaged, entertained, and attentive.He was entertaining for the parents with humor, while at the same time keeping the kids laughing and attentive. The kids really enjoyed the show as did all the adults. There wasn’t a disappointed person at my son’s party. I am not the type of person who cares about what is spent on something as long as you enjoyed it, that said, it was worth every dollar I did spend. I highly recommend Brian, you will not be disappointed.” – Jon Churchill
“Brian kept the kids as well as the adults laughing non stop. You are truly an amazing magician and comedian as well. I gave my girlfriend your number. She definitely wants you to come to her Hanukah party in December. As for myself, we will definitely call you for our next party. Thanks Again!” – – Emptage Deirdre
  • “I booked Brian to entertain 80 adults and 60 kids this past weekend at my baby’s first birthday party! (It was a traditional Korean dol party.) I was pleasantly amazed at how engaging he was. The kids LOOOVED him! Even the grandparents who spoke very little English were thoroughly entertained. Everyone commented this weekend about how awesome the magician was! Thank you, Brian, for making our Aiden’s party such a blast!”  – Elizabeth H. Kim
“Thank you Brian for making my grandson JJ’s 4th birthday party a hit with both the adults and the kids !! I was amazed that the men at the party were actually drawn AWAY from the football game on the TV in the other room after hearing all the laughter coming from the other room and wandered in to watch you too. JJ was very excited and very happy and that’s what counts. Thanks again !!”Diana Sullivan Gordon
  • Emily Molloy-Cole “Not only did the kids have a blast, but the adults did too. We couldn’t stop laughing!”
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